And Bhagelu Manjhi, a landless agricultural labourer from rural Bihar, is an example. On crutches since childhood (due to polio), and blind in both eyes since the last 10 years, Bhagelu performed three miracles – survive by working in the fields on crutches, work as a human bullock since he lost sight, and walk 18 miles (he had enough bus fare to travel only 22 miles from his village Lakri Nabiganj – the public bus dropped him 18 miles before the hospital as he did not have sufficient fare !!) over 3 days along with his 8 years old son Golu for getting his sight back. All that the hospital had to do was to treat him free and drop him back to his village by the hospital car. We could not free him from crutches but at least we gave his sight back – so that he earns with dignity and is able to get Golu back to school. All it took was a simple surgery done well and the support of 1700 ($28) from our supporter Rajnibhai from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. But the real hero is Bhagelu – for not quitting and the will to improve his quality of life. Bhagelu is now a peon in the village school and can proudly see Golu going to school every day.

People like Rajnibhai (complete name Rajnikant Ratilal Soni) not only think of others who are less fortunate but also like to be deeply engaged in the cause they firmly believe in. Rajnibhai has pledged support for 50 surgeries every year till 2020 – he took the pledge to eliminate blindness from India’s poorest and most affected state Bihar. Rajnibhai wants to be part of history by making an impact in this gargantuan challenge and he says that when the time comes for him to go to heaven and have a cup of tea with God – he will be smiling down seeing Biharis recollect this piece of history.