It is no surprise that AJEH produces the same quality of surgery that you would expect in Chennai, Mumbai or London…

Dr. Lucy Mathen, Ophthalmologist & Founder, Second Sight, UK

It is no surprise that AJEH produces the same quality of surgery you would expect in Chennai, Mumbai or London. Highly skilled clinicians like Dr. Poddar ensure that.

Devika Waney, with an AJEH patient at her village in Bihar
Chief Administrator, Savitri Waney Charitable Trust (SWCT), UK

The Savitri Trust aims to reach the most needy in India and it is therefore a delight to support AJEH, a truly inspiring hospital, whose compassion and ambition knows no bounds. The Trust has been supporting this wonderful hospital since 2009 and look forward to continuing a long partnership in contributing towards AJEH’s mission to eradicate curable blindness in Bihar by 2020.

Ranjikant Ratilal Soni, Businessman & Gayatri Pariwar Member, Ahmedabad, India

The hospital is the true embodiment of the teachings of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya – his blessings always remain on the hospital due to the focus on treatment of the poor and the empowerment of young girls in the process.

Dr. Geoffrey Woodruff, Emeritus Consultant Ophthalmologist, Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK & Consultant Ophthalmologist, Leicester Nuffield Health Hospital

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital is an extra-ordinary place. The hospital is dedicated to eliminating treatable blindness. I visited the hospital in August 2012 and witnessed some 300 cataract operations being done every day with excellent results. In addition, I was privileged to participate in the rapidly developing paediatric ophthalmology service, which is beginning to transform the prospects for children with visual impairment in the region. What I saw at Akhand Jyoti is inspirational.

Ramesh Shah, Businessman, Kenya, Ramesh Shah during the hospital visit

As the Old saying goes “Where there is a Will, There is a way”. A humble beginning in 2005 on top of a temple in a make-shift “Eye hospital” in Rural Bihar.
The staff first went out to look for Cataract Blind and then brought them to the Hospital and restored their eyesight and also returned them home with their dignity restored as participating members of their family and society. A success story of enormous achievements.
The Hospital has reduced Cataract blindness in Bihar by 20% in just 5 years, and, with God’s help will help make Bihar “Cataract Free” in next 7 years…by 2020″ Eradicate Cataract Blindness in Bihar and Eastern India”. Heartiest Congratulations to all the 300 staff and especially to the new Young Rural Women who are now being trained to degree levels who will make the Goal achievable by 2020…AJEH is now a Teaching Medical Hospital, first in Rural India!

Dhara Patel, Gayatri Pariwar Member, New York, USA

I am lucky that I got an opportunity to contribute in such a noble purpose and that too a purpose enunciated by our Gurudev, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Dr. Sally Webber, Senior Ophthalmologist & Oculoplastic Surgeon, UK

I have had the privilege of visiting AJEH for the last two years to help teach the Ophthalmic technicians and I hope to be able to contribute every year. AJEH is an amazing place, a wonderful efficient hospital miles from any big town dedicated to the treating the blind in this really poor part of rural India. The number of patients treated is incredible, 410 cataracts were done in a single day when I was there. The staff is so dedicated and the trainee technicians in my classes were great pleasure to teach. The development of local women in all the roles in the hospital is a wonderful thing to see. I wish them all the best in reaching their goal of eradicating treatable blindness before 2020.